Software Maintenance

Annual Software Releases

The way we release our software is a little different to other software companies, but we think it provides the most flexible choices for our customers. At the beginning of each calendar year we release annual software versions for all our products that are the result of the previous year’s R&D efforts. Often developed in conjunction with our users (but not always), these are major features that we consider to set our products apart from the competition, and keeps you ahead of the herd. Each year we charge an upgrade price to gain access to these new features, but if users choose not to upgrade they don’t have to.

Bug Fixing

We believe that when people pay for software they should be able to use it. While we would like to think that we do our best to provide bug free software, we know that we can’t test it like our users do and bugs occasionally slip through the net. Bug Fixing is our priority. We employ embedded reporting tools in our software which ensure direct reporting for customers on current releases of software for 12 months after purchase.

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